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We work with you to get the results you want, when you want them. Looking for ideas on how to promote your product or service? Use our graphic design department to bring your ideas to life. Our professional staff and state-of-the-art computer equipment and software minimizes creation and production time. We deliver high quality, large format promotional materials in short runs, customized to your precise needs.

Art Import Recommendations
The best output comes from the best original art you can provide. We can perform many digital retouching miracles, depending on the quality of the image to start with (the better the image, the more possibilities we have.)


Glossy color photographs or transparencies of original artwork. Photos reproduce well — transparencies reproduce even better! Printed material has an inherent dot pattern, and does not reproduce well.


DPI Calculation for Scanning
If the file is to be supplied not to full size, take the original scanned size, divide original size into largest side output dimension and multiply by 75. This will give you your scanned DPI figure.

Example: To enlarge a 3" X 5" photo to 36" X 48" image with cropping, divide 36" by 3" equals 12", multiply this number by the DPI, 75, must scan at a resolution of 900.


Billable Square Footage
Multiply total output in inches of height X width including borders—divide by 144 and round the next whole number.

To output at maximum resolution for inkjet 600DPI, use 150DPI in the calculations instead of 750DPI. AT final output, the file should be no larger than a quarter of the DPI that is to be printed at. Files greater than this will add little or no gain to the image.

Tips for proper file output


Things to do:

  1. Always convert your colors to CMYK.
  2. Crop your file to the correct proportions for the final output size.
  3. Include your application file using only TIFF or EPS file types.
  4. Save gradient fills and files with clippings in the EPS format.
  5. Make a quick print of the file on your office printer (a composite proof) for large jobs (fleet graphics, etc.). Get a professional proof and review it before sending files.
  6. Convert fonts to paths and curves or include the actual fonts in your document and save them correctly by selecting the actual font from the font menu, rather than incorrectly using the style menu. If sending fonts, remember to send all fonts used (by linking or importing EPS or other files).
  7. Include final size, enlargement percentage, mounting and laminating instructions, trimming instructions.
Things not to do:
  1. Compress files.
  2. Assume that the image proportions can be changed without cropping the image.
  3. Create a file with such a high resolution (and consequently file size) that it takes a very long time to RIP (if ever at all). Please follow the 1/4 rule.
  4. Increase the output size while keeping the resolution constant, thus increasing the file size.
  5. Assume that the colors you see on your monitor will accurately match the colors on output.

Additional things to keep in mind:

  • Pantone colors are printed using the CMYK equivalent.
  • We recommend using Adobe Illustrator for gradient colors.
  • When sending a disk with multiple files on it, you must specify which file we are to print.
  • All jobs should have a color proof on file.
  • Samples on large jobs can be done at a nominal cost. Please allow 2 to 3 days for proofing on top of our normal turnaround times.
  • Please call us at 214-421-1351 if there are any questions regarding file setup.
  • Never send an original file. Always copy to another disk and keep the original on your system. Couriers have been known to destroy disks!
  • We do not store files after processing—all files will be returned to you. If a reprint is needed of the same file that was processed, it must be re-sent.
Sending your files:

We accept the following file formats:

  • CD-ROM
  • DVD
  • FTP
Send your files to:

Digital Signs
2201 Main Street
Suite 100-B
Dallas, TX 75201




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