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The Only
things between the printer and your image file are a couple of computers (a workstation and a raster image processor) — no film, no plates, no separation.
Digital Signs uses state-of-the-art equipment to produce the best quality output available.

Printing Piezo

The Idanit (pronounced "ee-da-neet") combines speed with customization and large-format direct printing capabilities. The Idanit 162AD printer is by far the most versatile digital printer the industry has to offer. This machine uses 4800 print heads to produce a maximum DPI of 336, and has a printable area of 62" X 98". At a speed of 2800 square feet per hour we can output your files quickly. This machine features the ICS warranty of up to five years on some products for outdoor usage. This machine is a great choice for fleet graphics. Using UV stable inks, images are printed directly onto a variety of substrates including banner vinyls, coated papers, window film and self-adhesives.


Printing E-Stat

The Raster 5442 electrostat printer has an output resolution of 300DPI for enhanced imaging large format production. The image is "drawn" onto the paper with an electrostatic charge (~500 volts) whereby toner particles are attached to the charged paper. Printable area is 52" X 100'. Prints can last up to six months outdoors without a laminate. A great choice to do a short run of posters, 50 to 150 can be printed cost-effectively on 20 lb or 40 LB paper, and for a greater stability and durability, we can add a laminate.



Printing InkJet

The HP 5500 offers the closest thing you can get to photographic-quality (1200DPI) you can currently get for large format. If you are tired of the "dithering" or "dot patterns" of regular inkjet printers, you will be very please with the results. We can output up to 54" wide by almost any length (1/2-inch margin required for printing on either side — printable area 53"). It can also be used for limited applications outdoors two to three months, where close viewing would be important. For a larger print size, we can set up and tile the image (by overlapping) to an almost unlimited size.



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